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Meet our head coach and learn about our philosophy

Meet Coach Rob

Rob Kahn, Head Coach/Owner of RK512 Fitness, believes that you can achieve great fitness at any gym. But what you don't get from global gym franchises is a community that supports your goals and encourages you each and every day. That's why Rob built RK512 Fitness around the idea of community.

No matter your background or fitness level, we welcome you to the RK512 Fitness community. Not only will you be working towards your goals each and every day, but you will be surrounded by a fun and encouraging community that goes beyond the gym. Watch the video to learn more about Rob and RK512 Fitness.

See RK512 Fitness in Action

A community working together inside and outside of the gym

Competitions & Challenges

At RK512 fitness we push our members to exceed their own expectations. Not only do we set yearly goals that our coaches will help you to achieve, but we also host competitions to test your skills and 6-week challenges that help you achieve your fitness goals through nutrition counseling and 1 on 1 coaching.

Happy Hours & Events

As a community, we work hard, but we make sure not to take ourselves too seriously. That's why we pride ourselves on creating enjoyable experiences inside and outside of the gym. Join us for happy hours, birthday parties, or even just a drink at the brewery next door and get to know your fellow members.

Our Philosophy: A Gym for Everyone

No matter your athletic ability or fitness goals, no matter your background or upbringing, RK512 Fitness can get you started towards a stronger, healthier lifestyle. We believe that fitness is for everyone, and our philosophy is that healthy individuals build healthy communities.

RK512 hosts a diverse membership group, ranging from parents to teens, from athletes to book worms, and everyone in between. We foster an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity, incorporating functional movements into a dynamic training program that can be scaled back or enhanced, depending on your fitness ability

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